25hrs of Frog Hollow 2017

November 4-5 | Virgin, UT

Athletes, coaches, parents and friends of Summit Bike Club participated in the 25 Hours of Frog Hollow in Southern Utah. Unlike other 24 hour races, Frog Hollow has an extra hour by taking place over daylight savings. With multiple team options, participants have a choice of difficulty from riding solo to teams up to 10.

For me riding solo was the best way to do a 24 hour race. Although I knew that I would not compete for any awards, I had my own goals and achievements to go for.

Mike Turner

Whatever size team you are on, it takes planning and a support crew behind you. With smaller teams, the level of planning is even higher. For the first few hours most riders can keep their heads together, but eventually they begin to wear down where it’s harder to eat and need that extra motivation each time they lap through.

It became a necessity to stay focused and maintain living within what I can control to contribute to the success of our team.

Brandon Cross

Twenty hours in, the lead male duo team of Brandon and Sam were leading for all categories. Through the race, they lead was as much as 20 minutes ahead of the fastest four person teams. “I realized it really does take a team to do something great.” Brandon said afterwards. “Studying the stats revealed that we needed to push hard to maintain our lead for the overall.”

The most difficult time comes in the hours just before sunrise, and Brandon needed the motivation for his last two laps to keep riding hard. Lap times dwindle farther into the race, but on his last lap, Brandon cut fifteen minutes off his previous lap to keep the lead, just edging out the second overall team by five minutes.

I loved ringing my gong after each lap but loved it even more when I heard others ringing it as well when they rode by.

Mike Turner

Its usually the little things that keep the motivation strong. Maybe its going for the fastest lap, keeping your team in the podium running, or that feeling of completion. For Mike, he placed his gong at the start of the lap, so each time he completed a lap he had the satisfaction of letting it ring. Other riders also joined in, either stopping to use the mallet or just smacking it as they rode past.

Matthew Turner – Solo

Mike Turner – Solo

Brandon Cross & Sam Sweetser – Male Duo

Kurt Almond, Johnny Atencio & Steve Brain – Coed 5 Person

Will Sladek & Jake Dudek – Coed 5 Person

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