Equipment Highlight Pivot LES

Contenders for victory want a cross country hardtail that presents every advantage. In a sport where success is measured in half seconds, racers recognize that having the right equipment is essential. The Pivot LES combines incredible efficiency with the smoothness and trail tuning that the world’s best athletes need to outlast and outpace the competition.


“The Pivot LES 29 is the perfect racing hard tail. The slightly slacker head tube angle makes the bike decide as well any xc full suspension out there, but with all the stiffness, efficiency, and price bonuses that a hard tail bring to the table…”

-Zach Calton

The Pivot-Les is a no nonsense, straight to business race machine that is focused on A to B as fast as possible.  Despite being a hardtail, the Pivot -Les makes very little compromise in Rider comfort and is not only fast enough for our Riders but was also ridden 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.


“After racing on a few different bike brands, I can say that this Pivot LES is a killer of a bike. Climbs like the best of XC bikes and rips the DH like no other. With the short chain stay and slack head tube this bike corners amazingly! If how the bike rides is not enough, just the looks of this bike will make you want it!…”

-Matthew Turner


The Pivot-Les has the ability to transform from a 29” platform to a 27.5” with some simple adjustments to the drop outs.  This capability makes it perfect for our riders that prefer the smaller 27.5 ”wheel and for running 29er rigs.

This world class frame is draped with race ready Sram group sets and anchored to the ground with Vittoria tires.  Whether the conditions are call for low rolling resistance Mezcals with minimal tread to full on mudders like the Gato or Barzo, Vittoria keeps us rolling in all conditions.  Of course tire choice only matters if you are touching the ground…


Happy Trails..


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