Why a new website?

Here at Summit Bike Club, we are continuing to grow and our old website was not keeping up with us. We needed a more flexible website that allowed more options to support more people and more pages efficiently.

  1. Plugins • Our old site did not allow the addition of plugins, so the site was limited in easily adding new capabilities. New to the site are page sliders, a web-store, course mapping, and more.
  2. Blog • A new emphasis to provide stories on training sessions from our programs, skills/fitness insight from coaches, race reports from athletes, and more helpful info to help you race and ride bikes.
  3. Visuals • Utilize a more modern layout with greater usage of imagery. Continual new banners linked with blog posts to provide ease of access to new content and limiting the static nature of the old site.

We hope you like it! Please send any issues you find to mj@summitbikeclub.org

Goal initial completion date November 7th.

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