Introducing Colorado Springs to the Summit Family

New for 2018, Summit Bike Club is adding a U19 program to the state of Colorado with a base in Colorado Springs. In bringing Summit to Colorado Springs, our goal is to provide local athletes with an educational experience and the support they need to be able to compete at the next level, while being on a nationally recognized team.  Also home of USA Cycling, the Colorado chapter will be led by Jay Hakala with coaching by Daniel Matheny and Russell Finsterwald.

Daniel Matheny: 

Founder at Matheny Endurance, USAC Level 1 coach and Pro MTB racer; competing since 1996 & coaching since 2004.  Philosophy rooted from experience in-the-trenches to real-world application of the science.

Russell Finsterwald: 

Russell has been racing mountain bikes professionally for 8 years. He has won 5 National Championships, Pan Am Championships, has represented the United States in 7 World Championships and was a member of the US Olympic Long Team.

Learn more about the new program and get involved at: