The Sacket’s Private Trails – Tangle in Troy

Over the weekend of February 4th, the Texas Interscholastic Mountain Bike League kicked off their 2018 spring race series at the Sacket’s residence. Every year since 2014, high school races have been taking place on their property. Paul Sacket is board member of Summit Bike Club and has been critical in helping expanding the organizations programming.

The trail system on the Sacket Family Ranch in Troy, Texas started out as a motorcycle and quad trail in 2004.  After the Sackets began riding mountain bikes in 2006, the trails quickly became converted into mountain bike trails. Ever since Paul and his two sons Jacob and Colton have been building and riding their mountain bike trails. Combined they have thousands of hours building and maintaining their backyard mountain bike playground. The year-round effort to maintain the current trails is a ton of work, but the family has enjoyed the process of building and riding trails. Thus making it somewhat easier to put in the work to maintain the trail system.

Their local NICA team, Heart of Texas Junior Cycling, has been coming out and assisting with trail maintenance over the last few years.  For the last year the system has had a complete overhaul to create clover (four loops in one lap) system bringing the rider back into the center of the venue every 5 to 8 minutes.  This makes the venue one of the best around for racing and spectating a race.

In 2014 Paul invited the Texas League Director, Vance McMurry to come out to see if he would be interested having a race on their property in Troy.  After Vance came and rode the trails, they made plans to host their first NICA race in the spring of 2014.   The Sackets really enjoyed seeing the kids race their trails and having the families camping all over the property.  Every year since, with the exception of 2016 when it was rained out, they have hosted a NICA race.  The feedback on the new trail system and features was overwhelmingly positive with families loving the ability to see their student athletes come thru the venue so many times during the race.  It makes it very exciting to watch and super fun to race.

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