Functional Fitness with Doug: Squats

Doug Zakaras, strength and conditioning coach and founder of MOVE in Park City, believes the most important moves are the simplest.

In our interview with him, he shared the importance of building a foundation of what he calls “functional fitness”, or basic moves that can be done anywhere–at home, at the gym, or on the go–and which strengthen the core and key muscles that are essential to elite performance, but also general wellbeing and health.  Not everyone has access to a trainer like Doug, though, to teach them the proper and safe techniques for weightlifting.

In our Functional Fitness Series, we will be sharing some videos we made with Doug to show you how to perform some of these basic bodyweight and weighted moves safely and effectively on your own!

In this first episode, Doug teaches Tristan, one of our Summit athletes, good form for squatting.

Like what you saw?  Check out MOVE for more information about Doug’s coaching!

You can also find more of Doug’s instructional videos in collaboration with CrossFit on the YouTube!