Jumping Into Race Season: Riders’ Top Tips

Early season can be a challenging time: deciding which races you want to hit, pitting your post-winter fitness against other cyclists, and locking down a spring training schedule.  While fun and exciting, it can also be intimidating, especially for newer riders.  Do you ever find yourself unsure or lacking confidence at the beginning of race season?  These tips might be just what you need to help you get prepared to kill it in 2018.

We reached out to some of our athletes and coaches to bring you their personal preparation tactics and best advice for jumping into a new race season.  From preseason training, to nutrition, to attitude, there are so many things that can help you be more confident and fit.

Matt Behrens–Former Pivot-Competitive Cyclist Athlete:

In the weeks leading up to some of the bigger races of the year, I always like to jump into low stakes, local race. I use this race as an opportunity to test out my nutrition products, bike, shoes, and gear, making sure everything will work the way I want it to when the important races come around later in the season. This is also a good opportunity to test out my fitness and the work I’ve been doing all winter and see how I’m feeling. There is still enough time left in the preseason to fix any gaps in my fitness and it’s a nice way to get reconnected with the MTB community.

Brennon Peterson–Junior Pivot-CC Athlete:

You have to make sure you practice your finish line celebration in the mirror!

Rylan Schadegg–U23 Pivot-CC Athlete:

I like to race a lot in the early season to get ready for racing. It’s the best way to get things dialed in. Even road racing helps. I’m always willing to go deeper in a race. Also doing some hard intervals before the first race makes it less of a shock.

James Cessna–Junior Pivot-CC Athlete:

I’ve only been racing for two years now, but I know I definitely start paying more attention to what I eat as racing gets closer.  Right now, I’ve been figuring out how I can eat better and make the foods I already eat healthier.  That’s the main thing I notice I do close to racing season.  I also try to get excited and motivated, which is really easy with Mountain Biking, so I don’t feel too nervous before the race.

Mila Leger Redel–Junior Pivot-CC Athlete:

I think the best way to jump into the season is to ride with teammates and spend time with them.  It builds a better environment at the races because you feel more comfortable and it’s way more fun with friends.  Also, you can all be stressed together!

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