Go-Ride Bicycles: Curating for Quality

With a shop team of veteran racers and suspension specialists, Go-Ride Bicycles is a gem of knowledge nestled in the foothills of the Salt Lake Valley.  With a focus on quality and attention to detail, Go-Ride provides a completely unique set of manufacturer-quality skills in a friendly, neighborhood shop.

Bike shops seem to be becoming more and more popular, and with new shops cropping up everywhere, it can be hard to know who to trust.  It is clear, however, that Go-Ride has built itself a reputation for excellence, reliability, and expertise.  For anyone in the greater Salt Lake area looking for someone to take great care of their bike, this is the shop to go to.

We reached out to Parker DeGray, Sales Manager of the Salt Lake store, to learn a little bit more about the attention and care given to every bike that passes their doors.  Parker is a long-time employee of the shop, working for them in some capacity since he was 15 years old.  He is close with the shop’s owner and founder, Scott, who started the shop in 2000 as a small online business selling downhill tires.  From there, Go-Ride slowly blossomed into the thriving brick-and-mortar storefront that you see now.  Today, their focus has shifted away from downhill bikes, “the downhill is still there.  It’s in our blood,” says Parker, “but now I would say it’s the smallest portion.  Trail, XC, Enduro . . . all high end Mountain is our primary focus at this point.”

Go-Ride specializes in Mountain Bikes, with an emphasis on suspension work.  Unlike many bike shops, which focus on one or two brands that they sell exclusively, the bicycles in Go-Ride’s store undergo a rigorous selection process.  Their suspension techs pick only the cream of the crop–the bikes they feel are the very best from all across the board.  From large, popular brands to up-and-coming local companies, Go-Ride brings together the best of the bike world under one roof.

From “Giant, Pivot, Yeti, Norco, Salsa, Santa Cruz, to Intense. . . ” and more, if you want it, Go-Ride’s wide selection of bikes is a unique feature of the shop.

“We just bring in bikes we like.” Parker says. “We cherry-pick from the manufacturers to bring in things that compliment each other, but each stick out in their own way.  That way, you’ve got the best option for everybody.”

So how does Go-Ride decide which bikes to pull?  We asked Parker what qualities and strengths they look for when curating for their showroom.  “Ride quality, of course,” he told us, “also value as well plays into that.  Bikes that compliment each other, so you can have one for each step all the way through, depending on what type of ride you’re looking for.  Suspension’s always first and foremost though.”

And few are better equipped to analyze and inspect these suspensions than Go-Ride’s mechanics.  With a level of training and professionalism far exceeding the standards of the cycling industry, they expect every member of their staff to be knowledgeable about every aspect of bike mechanics, so that “no matter who you talk to, they’re going to be able to answer your question.”  This focus on suspension quality stems from their foundational belief that every good mountain bike starts with a good suspension.  “If you are going to pay $10,000 for a bike, you want it to work well,” Parker told us. “There are plenty of bikes that are expensive that don’t ride well.  We don’t want those . . . . We shoot for a bike that’s got a really good initial platform, and then we can dial in the suspension and use shock tuning to suit the individual rider.  Scott and myself and our techs, we have done a lot of suspension work and we have a lot of cool tricks.  It’s something we can do here that not a lot of other people can.”

And it is this knowledge and expertise that makes Go-Ride Bicycles so valuable here in the community.  They pride themselves on not only the quality of the bikes they sell, but also the services they offer.  Parker explains how this truly makes the shop unique.  “The majority of shops out there have to send suspensions out to get serviced.  They’ve got one guy there who can build a wheel.  Here, we’ve got six techs.  Every single one of them can build wheels.  Fix pretty much any suspension that’s on the market here, in house.  We’ve got custom tuning that’s beyond even what the manufacturers can do.  We do everything quicker and slightly cheaper than you can do at a manufacturer, and you can also walk into the back and talk to the guy that’s doing it.”

But Go-Ride’s employees are more than just quality mechanics–they are athletes themselves.  “Everybody here rides at a really high level.”  Parker adds.  “So we can get that inside perspective on how things work.  We can help you tune your bike up, or help when you’re choosing what to ride.”  To find this level of experience, expertise, and efficiency in a personalized, friendly, and convenient local shop is nearly unheard of, and makes for an exceptional customer experience.  “Having that small-shop feel with big-shop capabilities is also really cool, because we have the ability to have a lot of inventory, knowledge, services, with a quick turnaround time, but at the same time you can come in and talk to somebody on a personal level for as long as you want.  And they’re going to give you their time–they’re never going to step away to do something else, they’re just there for that.”

It is clear that, when it comes to curating for quality, Go-Ride picks only the best, when it comes to bikes and employees.

So whether you’re a total beginner trying to get into something new, or you’re a veteran rider looking for a quality, custom-tuned bike that rides like it was built just for you, Go-Ride Bicycles has what you need.  Stop by their Salt Lake or Draper locations, or visit their website to book an appointment!

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