Endurance Workout ( Over Under )

4/30/20 Workout


10 min warm up

4min Z2- endurance
3min Z3- Tempo
2min Z4- Threshold
1min Z5- Vo2 max
30sec ALL OUT sprint
4min Rest
3min Z4
2min Z2
(so this 4 times)
1min Z5
30min Z1
(do this 5x)
5min Z2 (low pace)
40sec (ALL OUT)
20sec Z1
(do this 10 times)



Find a gradual uphill that will take about 10min to reach the top. If this is unavailable in your area find something that is flat. The best would be a dirt fire road or a safe paved road. Once workout is complete cool down and have fun on some single track.


Zone 1 – Recovery

  • This should feel super easy, just spin the legs but don’t work hard. Start warming up the legs.

Zone 2 – Endurance

  • This should be slightly harder than an easy spin, but a pace you could hold for a very long time.

Zone 3 – Tempo

  • This zone you will start breathing harder, but shouldn’t be too hard. You should be able to hold this pace for the majority of a ride/race.

Zone 4 – Threshold

  • This will feel hard just before to the point where you would fell like you are at max effort, but you could hold it for a couple minutes.

Zone 5 – Vo2 Max

  • This zone you are going as hard as you can without being in a full sprint.

Zone 6 – Sprint

  • The last zone is a full out sprint, just like the start of a race or coming to the finish against a competitor.