Team Update (May)

Hello Summit Bike Club Members,

As we move into summer we are currently uploading training guidance through our website at . This includes skill challenges and tips along with occasionally endurance workouts to do individually. We have had multiple coaches helping in supplying videos and training tips. During these challenging times it has been sad not to be able to be out there as a group coaching and leading rides with the athletes, but for the safety of the athletes, coaching, and all our families it is for the best to keep training on a individual basis.

With restrictions beginning to loosen we are looking forward to seeing all of you out on the bike. However, there is still some more time before we will be able to begin in person practices. For sports, the states guidelines state a 10ft distance between individuals. Our sport is a little more difficult to keep distancing (even the 6ft) on trails, and we need to act responsibly for both ourselves and the other trail users. As the situation continues to progress in a positive way, we will begin skills sessions with smaller groups and then start exploring ways where we can do some group rides in areas where it is still easy to keep our distance, but still enjoying riding together.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please reach out with specific questions or how we can better help you while staying safe.

This was emailed out to team members at the beginning of this week, if you didn’t receive, or you have questions feel free to email me at
Matthew Turner
Summit Bike Club
Head Coach