Program FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Summit Bike Club, our programs, website and more below. If you’re question isn’t answered, send us a message and we’ll provide an answer as soon as possible.

Are scholarship available for program fees? ?

YES! Use the contact form below to get in touch and we can continue the discussion that way.

Why use TeamSnap??

We have found over the past 2 years that TeamSnap is really effective for scheduling and notifying riders in programs of their rides. However, we have found certain aspects of TeamSnap to be less effective and we are moving away from those this year to provide a simplified experience to our riders and their families. It takes a bit of getting used to, but we believe it is the best way to get everyone the information they need.

How old do you have to be to join??

Depending on location, we have programs for kids as young as six and continue support through college and U23.

Is racing required??

Racing is not required, and you will receive the same coaching and feedback if you race or not.

I tried to sign up for a program, but I got on a backorder list??

We want every rider to have a valuable and high-quality coaching experience in all of our programs. To achieve this we tend to limit most programs to 10 riders, but we want to know if there are more riders out there who would like to ride with us.

We use back ordering as a tool to gauge interest and not miss any riders who would otherwise slip through the system. For example, if there are two riders back ordered on a certain program, it is up to the coaches discretion to decide if he/she will bump the rider limit to 12 or remain at 10. If there were 7 back ordered riders, we would do everything possible to start another program at the same time to get everyone out and riding with us!

What if there are offerings in my area, but not for my child's age??

We are always looking to expand our offerings, especially in locations with existing programs. The first step in starting a new program is to send us a message to show your interest.

Do we have to purchase a new uniform each year??

Our goal is to keep that from happening. As a part of membership dues, you will be provided a jersey each year, and other items are available for purchase. Designs are rotated every other year to keep a longer usability life, and reduce expenses.

What races will have team support??

Our coaches provide support at local races for regional programs, and work together with others at national and international. We’ll help you put together a race schedule to fit your goals.

Membership FAQ

Why move to a membership-based system??

The 2019 season will be the first time SBC has used a membership-based system. This change will allow us to provide more benefits to our members while bringing program costs down. Some new things to look for in the coming year include member-only articles, tutorials, training plans, and events.

On our end, this allows us to manage our members more efficiently and hopefully provide a more valuable product to our community of riders.

What does my membership fee get used for??

Membership fees are used to cover the costs of providing members a location-specific jersey, creating member only content and minor administrative fees such as coaching, insurance, support materials such as 10×10 tents, and curriculum development.

How long is my membership valid??

Memberships are annual. It is possible to opt-in to an auto-renewing membership when logged in on the site.

What does a membership provide me? ?

Members of Summit Bike Club have the option to select a membership based on their needs. For example, if you live in the Park City community and are an active member you may opt for the premium membership. This would give access to all of our programs, a location-specific SBC jersey, discounted and early access to programs, discounts on SBC sponsored events and sponsorship benefits.

If a more minimalist membership seems like a better fit, you will still receive discounts to our programs, and events as well as sponsorship benefits.