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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Summit Bike Club, our programs, website and more below. If you’re question isn’t answered, send us a message and we’ll provide an answer as soon as possible.

How old do you have to be to join??

Depending on location, we have programs for kids as young as six and continue support through college and U23.

What if there are offerings in my area, but not for my child's age??

We are always looking to expand our offerings, especially in locations with existing programs. The first step in starting a new program is to send us a message to show your interest.

What are membership dues used for??

The primary factors that go into our membership dues are for coaching, insurance, support materials such as 10×10 tents, curriculum development, and more.

Do we have to purchase a new uniform each year??

Our goal is to keep that from happening. As a part of membership dues, you will be provided a jersey each year, and other items are available for purchase. Designs are rotated every other year to keep a longer usability life, and reduce expenses.

Is racing required??

Racing is not required, and you will receive the same coaching and feedback if you race or not.

What races will have team support??

Our coaches provide support at local races for regional programs, and work together with others at national and international. We’ll help you put together a race schedule to fit your goals.

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