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By joining Summit you gain access to multiple benefits and are a part of a growing community across the USA. As a member, you will be able to participate in Summit programs, such as our regional teams for developing riders, and discounted entries into Summit promoted events.

Our knowledgeable staff and coaches are licensed, background checked, safe-sport certified, and more to provide you a positive and safe experience.

Find out more about membership and the registration process below.

Summit Membership

  • Program Registration
    Ability to register for regional programming.
  • Team Jersey
    For your region, and of your choice of cut.
  • Race Support
    Coach and/or mechanic support at local and national events.
  • Sticker Pack
  • Summit Discounts
    From 30%-50% on Summit Merchandise, Events, Training Plans, and Private Lessons
  • Educational Resources
    Additional access to extra online articles on skills, nutrition, training, and more.
  • Partner Discounts
    From 10%-30% from local and national partners
  • Accident Insurance
    Supplementary insurance: Proof of primary medical/health insurance required.
    Applies only during Summit sanctioned activities.

Membership & Program Registration Process

  1. Become a Member
    • Visit the membership registration page.
    • Enter your information (or that of your child to be a member)
    • Add membership to cart
    • Repeat for additional family members
    • Check-out from cart
  2. Register For Programming
    • Now that you are a member, find your local program
    • Make sure you are logged in to your account
    • Add program to your cart
    • Check-out
    • Summit staff will then add you to TeamSnap communication system
  3. Receive Membership Benefits
    • Visit your account
    • Select Benefits from the account menu


Need help with your membership or program registration?