Brennon Peterson is going into his first season on the Pivot – Competitive Cyclist team after previous seasons with Summit Bike Club. From Salt Lake City, UT, Brennon is a first year 17-18 junior.

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What are your cycling goals??

I want to focus on new aspects of my training this year. It’s my first year racing UCI and I want to try my best to get on the podium. I also want to continue to work hard and set myself up in a position to attend International Events like World Cups and World Championships.

What Frame Did you choose??

At 5’11” I am choosing to ride a large LES 29.

How were you introduced into cycling??

I got into cycling through my parents and many of the local race series in Utah. When I joined Summit Bike Club, it convinced me to start racing some Category 1 races. Ever since, I’ve fallen in love with racing and cycling in general.

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