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TEXAS: U19 Waco

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The U19 Waco program is cross country mountain bike focused for intermediate to advanced athletes aged 15-18. Practices take place once a week with local and regional race support. New members will need to apply to the program prior to being able to register. The application process insures a consistent level of abilities, thus allowing coaches to better support the athletes.

Tuesdays: 5:30-7:30+

Occasional Adventure Rides on Weekends

Based around Waco to Troy

Monthly Combined Practices with Other Regional Programs

Coach Support at TMBRA and Pro XCT Races

Regular Session: January 10 – July 11


Clothing is not included with membership, but a jersey is expected to be purchased. Multiple store openings will take place, get in the earliest possible to have your jersey on time.

Discounts available for multiple sessions and families

Racing is not required but highly recommended

  • Head Coach:Penny Lynn
  • Contact Info:penny@summitbikeclub.org
  • Texas Manager:paul@summitbikeclub.org
  • Organization Director:mj@summitbikeclub.org
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Mountain biking is more than a sport to me; it’s become a part of who I am as a person. The feeling of the wind blowing through my helmet, the sweat dripping down my face, and the burning sensation throughout my whole body is why I get up every morning.

It's also showed me what a real biking family is.

The amazing support of teammates and friends cheering you on no matter your position in the race, and during each race you might have a fierce battle with a competitor, but once you cross that finish line you become best friends again which doesn’t happen in any other sport.

We all share an undeniable passion for the sport, and that passion along with the fun and joy it brings to everyone that takes part, is the reason its growing so quickly. For some just the occasional weekend ride is enough while others strive for success and results, but in reality we are all one big family with the same goal.

Logan Howard – Athlete

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Feature shows for 2014

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